Falling Down

Isla de Ometepe: a tropical island made out of twin volcanoes in the middle of a shark-infested lake. I simply had to visit! What could go wrong? A lot it turned out.

The Lion and the Jackal

Sometimes I do stupid reckless things. Zipping open my tent in the middle of the night in Etosha trying to find the lion I just heard roar was one of those.

Salsa en Cali

What happens when you ask another man’s woman to dance at an exclusive salsa club in Cali?

Donde es mi Pasaporte?

Dat moment dat je beseft dat je je paspoort kwijt bent en dat je reis in het water dreigt te vallen.

Archbishops and Alcohol

How I stepped into a random minivan and a few hours later ended up sharing a drink with the Archbishop of Ghana.


Een verslag van een avontuurlijke avondje stappen en dansen in Cape Coast, Ghana met Michael en zijn twee broers.

Hot Pot Panic

Sometimes the language barrier just blows up in your face when trying to order dinner in China and everything you say only makes matters worse.

Verboden foto’s

Als je in Ghana op straat foto’s wil nemen moet je goed uitkijken: er lopen daar een hoop mensen die er fel op tegen zijn.

Going too far

On my first day in Tehran I was completely blindsided in Iran by their intepretation of politeness. I really underestimated how complicated it is.

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After so many years of travelling I still have a huge pile of notes and fragments of funny, interesting or odd stories lying about. My goal is to publish a blog article (either travel or otherwise) every two days or so for the coming time. So expect regular updates.

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